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  The Dhanbad Branch of Central India Regional Council (CIRC) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), came into existence on the 20th day of December, 1989, vide ICAI Notification No. 28-RC (04/22/1990) dated 07/02/1990.  
  The Branch came into existence by constant and untiring efforts put up by the then senior members, Late CA H.P. Lala, Late CA P.S. Keshri, CA S.P. Agarwal and CA R.K. Patnia who all also became the first office bearers of the first managing committee of the Dhanbad branch for the term 1990-92.  
  Initially the branch was started at a very small scale at the office premises of Late CA P.S. Keshri, at Shanti Bhawan, Bank More, Dhanbad. Later the Branch was shifted to an approximately 1000 Sq. Ft. office at 1st Floor, New Market, Bank More, Dhanbad.    
  The Branch was then shifted to the current 2400 Sq. Ft. premises, on 14th Day of December, 2005, under the chairmanship of CA S.K. Pasari. The Branch Premises was inaugurated by none other than CA Kamlesh S Vikamsey, the then honorable president of ICAI.  
  Since its inception, the Dhanbad Branch of CIRC of ICAI has been receiving various awards and commendations both by the ICAI and the CIRC. The details are as follows:  
  Smallar Category (Upto 200 Members):  
  • Commendation Award 1999,
  • Best Branch Award 2001by CIRC
  • Best Branch Award 2005 by CIRC,
  • Best Branch Award 2006 by CIRC
  • Highly Commended Performance 2006 by ICAI
  • Second Best Branch Award 2007 by CIRC
  • Best Branch Award 2008 by CIRC
  • Best Branch Award 2009 by CIRC
  • Second Best Branch 2011by CIRC
  Medium Category (201-500 Members)  
  1. Highly Commendable Branch 2012 by CIRC  
  The current branch boasts of a fully air-conditioned premises consisting of a seminar hall with 80 members capacity, conference room with round table seating of 18 members, ITT Lab with 16 computers, fully equipped members and students library, accounts room, store room and a pantry room. The Dhanbad Branch is continuously carrying out ITT training, Orientation Program, GMCS Course, Crash courses and Mock Tests for its students and Seminars, Conferences, Study Circles, Tele-Conferences and group discussions for its members.  
  The Dhanbad branch is now rigorously searching for a land to construct its own ICAI Bhawan, as the current premises has turned small, keeping in view of the increasing number of members, students and increasing number of both members and students activities.  Recently the branch has been shifted to medium category branch (201-500 members) from the small category branch (Upto 200 Members). The Branch has more than 200 members and approximately 2500 students.